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Thursday, February 22 2018

Finally -- Constant Pressure No Matter How Many Taps Are Open!

Sudden water flow changes happen because your water system (either private well or utility) does not have enough pressure. You'll never have to coordinate your showers with others' activities again after we install a variable speed constant pressure pump.

If your water source is a well, you have a single speed pump that directs flow into your home. If your demand exceeds the pump's capacity, pressure and hence flow drops dramatically. Your system does have a pressure tank designed to keep extra gallons on reserve for small demands. (You don't want the pump to switch on every time you want a glass of water.) However, this reserve cannot compensate for flow greater than the pump's capacity.

If your water comes through a utility pipeline, your location and the age of the system can impact water pressure.

If our check determines that your system is working properly but that pressure is a problem, then a variable speed pump is your answer. It monitors pressure and adjusts the pumps rate to meet demand. The result is constant pressure at all times -- even during peak demand. 

If you're experiencing problems, call us at 508-317-5525 or schedule online for an evaluation of your system by your Cape Cod Master Plumbers professional today.

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Tuesday, January 02 2018

Our Cape Cod heating systems are usually not designed for sustained temperatures below 0 degrees. When temperatures drop into the subzero range like they have this week, set your thermostat a couple of degrees higher than usual. DO NOT TURN THE HEAT DOWN AT NIGHT! Your heater will be working continuously to maintain your home's temperature. Asking it to bring the temperature up will just put exxtra stress on the system. Just set your thermostat a few degrees higher and then forget it.

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Sunday, July 31 2016

Most Cape Cod homeowners don't realize when their water heater is ready to fail. But waiting too long to replace it can result in disastrous and expensive flood damage to your home and possessions.

Here are five signs to look for to prevent an imminent water heater disaster.

  1. Its age. The typical lifespan of a water heater serving a family of four is about seven to ten years. The more you use it, the shorter its life. If you're not certain of its age, check your water heater's serial number. It should include the year the unit was manufactured. If you're not sure, call us with the brand and serial number, and we'll help you determine its age.
  2. The consistency of heating. If you are experiencing inconsistent hot water, or if you're unable to maintain a constant temperature, your unit is likely nearing the end of its life. 
  3. Signs of leaks. Periodically check the floor under your unit for moisture. Older units often develop slow leaks that will worsen over time. 
  4. Noises. As your water heater ages, sediment will build up and harden on the inside. You'll start to hear pops, rumbling or banging. These can cause cracks in the liner.
  5. A change in the color of your hot water. Such changes could mean your unit is rusting from the inside. If you suspect rust (or sediment), you can check by carefully draining water directly from your unit.

IF YOU SUSPECT YOUR WATER HEATER MAY BE NEARING THE END OF IT'S LIFE, call us at 508-514-1694 to schedule a FREE no-pressure consultation.

If we determine that your tank is nearing failure, we'll show you your replacement options. If conditions are right for an ultra-efficient heat pump water heater replacement, we'll show you how you can take advantage of a $750 rebate offered by the Mass Save(R) program.

If we determine that your tank is still sound, we offer some steps that will as much as DOUBLE your water heater's remaining life.

  1. By draining your tank, we will remove much of the sediment that can lead to liner damage.
  2. We'll also pull and inspect your water heater's anode rod. If it's nearing depletion, we'll recommend replacing it. The "sacrificial" anode rod is the single most important part preventing rusting of your hot water tank. Here's how it works:

Over time, tiny cracks will develop in your water heater's glass liner exposing the steel to corrosive elements. The anode rod is made up of a more reactive metal. When the tank is filled with water, an electrolyte process begins whereby the sacrifical rod is consumed to protect the exposed steel of the tank. As long as this more reactive material lasts, the steel will not rust. When it's depleted, the tank corrosion. A new anode rod will add years of service to your aging unit.

Call 508-514-1694 or 
Schedule FREE No-Pressure Consultation

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Wednesday, March 16 2016
It's National Fix-a-Leak Week

Household leaks can waste over a trillion gallons of water annually nationwide. Each year the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promotes this week to encourage homeowners to hunt down drips and get them fixed.

Here is their fact sheet. Give us a call at 508-317-5525 or schedule service online.


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Tuesday, August 18 2015

According to the U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA), "the average household's leaks can account for more than 10,000 gallons of water wasted every year, or the amount needed to wash 270 loads of laundry."

Leaking toilets are the most common source of household waste. Over time, mineral deposits build up and rubber parts decay.

Here's a quick way to see if you have a problem: 

Just color the water in each of your toilet tanks. You can purchase die tablets for this purpose at your local hardware store or home center. Or you can even use the food coloring you may already have in your panter. Wait ten to 20 minute. Then check the water in the toilet bowls. Any coloring there is a sure sign that you're toilet is leaking.

NOTE: Just ask your Cape Cod Master Plumbers professional to perform this test whenever he visits your home. We do not charge for this service.

If your toilet(s) are leaking, they should be repaired immediately. Just give Tim a call at 508-318-5525 or schedule a visit online.

If your toilet was installed before 1994, you may well consider replacing it with today's more efficient models. According to the EPA, "If the average family replaces its older, inefficient toilets with new WaterSense labeled ones, it could save 13,000 gallons a year. Retrofiting the house could save the family nearly $2,400 in water and wastewater bills over the lifetime of the toilets."

If you're about to make that change, you may also want to consider today's "comfort height" models. The standard chair height will be far more comfortable for seniors.

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Tuesday, August 18 2015

Flooded home

Before leaving the Cape for the season, be sure to make plans to protect and winterize your home for the off-season.

Here are some troubling facts to consider:

  • Last year, we were called to 167 homes to repair burst pipes.
  • Most of these (145) were summer homes.
  • All of these homes suffered signficant damage.
  • One homeowner alone had to contend with damage in excess of $300,000.

Your Cape Cod Master Plumbers professionals can:

  • Help you identify areas in your home where pipes are vulnerable to winter freezing and take measures to protect the lines.
  • Show you the advantages of installing water sensors, automatic shut-off valves and alarms to protect and alert you anywhere should leaks occur in your home. Such systems can be installed for water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, ice-makers, toilets and more.

Call Tim now at 508-317-5525
or click here to schedule a no pressure/no obligation consultation.


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Tuesday, June 16 2015
Up to $4,000 Rebate for Early Boiler Replacement Expires Aug. 31, 2015

You may be eligible for a rebate of up to $4,000 when replacing a 30+ year old boiler. Call us at 508-317-5525 to see if you qualify. ACT NOW! Program expires August 31, 2015.

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Tuesday, June 16 2015
$750 Water Heater Rebate Now Available

COOL SMART Water Heater Rebate Program

Residential customers can now receive a $750 Rebate with a Cape Cod Master Plumbers installation of a qualified Heat Pump Water Heater. These provide significant savings over standard electric storage type water heaters. These savings will quickly return the extra cost of your investment. After that, the savings drop right into your pocket!


Schedule FREE no-pressure consultation.

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