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Why Choose Us 

A Plumbing & Heating Company That Measures Its Success by The Quality of Its Relationships Not by the Amount of Today's Sale

A Message from Tim McElroy, President

Uneasy When Choosing a Plumber?
I Don't Blame You.

Plumbing and heating repairs and replacements can be expensive. You want to be sure you're getting value for your dollar. You want to be sure you're not getting sold more than you need. You want to be sure the job is done right -- the first time. After all, you'll be living with the consequences for years.

Most Massachusetts plumbers put in the minimum six hours of continuing education each year required to maintain their licenses. That's nowhere near enough to keep up with the technological advances that have been coming our way. The typical plumber's skill set is just not up to the challenges posed by today's "Green" technologies. My team spends more than 100 hours in continuing education each year. They are schooled and equipped in our industry's state-of-the-art "Green" technologies.

When it comes to replacing aging heating and water heating systems, the guy making the decision is more often than not either a plumber with only traditional plumbing skills, or in the case of large companies, typically a salesman with no plumbing or heating knowledge at all. Most of his training is in sales techniques and high-pressure closing tactics.

Whenever I'm making a large investment in my home, I want to be sure that the guy designing it has the most knowledge and my interest -- not his commission -- in mind. That's why when it comes to estimating your replacement, I always do it myself.

BEWARE the "Box Swapper."

"Some estimate that approximately 85% of all boilers in the U.S. are the wrong size for the house. . . .

"Oversized boilers waste fuel and ultimately shorten the life of the system. With fuel costs higher and
higher, it pays to run the proper calculations to ensure that customers are receiving the correct size boilers
-- and paying lower utility costs."

Joanna R. Turpin, "Oversized Boilers Are a Big Problem,"
AHR (Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration) News,

May 22, 2001

Despite Tim's 14 years in the trade, his technicians average 12 years and his apprentices 5 years experience. Tim and this team spend more than 100 hours in continuing education each year. They are schooled and equipped in their industry's state-of-the-art "Green" technologies.

When your critical heating and water heating systems start getting on in years, most plumbing and heating companies have just one thing to say about it: "REPLACE IT!" 

What they don't tell you is that:

  • If your heating or cooling equipment had been sized right, installed properly, and maintained through the years, it would have lasted far longer. 
  • Even if it was the right size when installed, changes you've likely made to your home's "energy envelope" (added insulation, more efficient doors and windows, sealing of gaps and cracks, etc.) will have made your old boiler now too large and inefficient for your home. Despite your efforts to improve your home's energy-efficiency, your now oversized boiler's short-cycling may actually be increasing your gas or oil bills unnecessarily.
  • The high energy bills and spotty comfort you're experiencing (uneven temperatures, rooms that never get comfortable, etc.) may have less to do with the equipment itself than with its installation. These are problems that can be corrected by a well-trained professional.
  • Your water heater has an "anode rod" which if replaced in time may as much as double its life.

Some will offer giant rebates on what turns out to be the "highest efficiency" most expensive equipment in their catalog. What they don't tell you is that you may NEVER recoup that extra investment in the time you plan to remain in your home. What they don't tell you is that even today's "lowest efficiency" replacement is very often more efficient that the equipment its replacing -- especially when it's properly sized and installed.

Others offer a price far lower than anyone else's. What they don't tell you is that to get to that price, they had to cut corners. First among them is their failure to take the time to assess and calculate the proper size of the replacement and to work out the proper load calculations necessary to deliver hot water or heating throughout your home. Most simply "swap out the old box" for a one of similar size without ever knowing whether that "box" was the right size in the first place.

You Should Fee Comfortable and Confident
With Your Choice of a Plumbing/Heating Contractor

From day one, I have been determined to build the kind of company with which I would want to do business. I hate high pressure, games and manipulation. As a home and business owner, I want to know the facts and to base my decisions on the merits. I want to pay a fair price, but I don't mind paying a little more to work with an educated professional who is more interested in a long-term relationship than with a quick sale.

Like any business person I want to build my company, but not at the expense of my customers. What I like about my business is personal contact with customers who will come back year after year for my advice. I love using my expertise to design the absolutely best performing most advanced planet-friendly energy-saving systems for my neighbors.

I want to have the kind of growth that comes with their returning business and with the friends and neighbors they refer.

I invite you to take some time to learn about the measure's I've taken to create the kind of company with which I would be comfortable doing business. I trust that you'll share my excitement about Cape Cod Master Plumbers, Inc.

Advanced Green Technology Training

Many companies service and install advanced energy-efficient hydronic and water heating. But few actually participate in manufacturer-recommended training. Your Cape Cod Master Plumbers team has trained with leading manufacturers including:


Bosch Eternal
Hydroponic Heating Tankless Water Heaters Eternal Hybrid Water Heating
Navien Slant/Fin
Condensing Tankles Water Heaters High Efficiency Boilers & Baseboard Heating


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