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Thursday, February 22 2018

Finally -- Constant Pressure No Matter How Many Taps Are Open!

Sudden water flow changes happen because your water system (either private well or utility) does not have enough pressure. You'll never have to coordinate your showers with others' activities again after we install a variable speed constant pressure pump.

If your water source is a well, you have a single speed pump that directs flow into your home. If your demand exceeds the pump's capacity, pressure and hence flow drops dramatically. Your system does have a pressure tank designed to keep extra gallons on reserve for small demands. (You don't want the pump to switch on every time you want a glass of water.) However, this reserve cannot compensate for flow greater than the pump's capacity.

If your water comes through a utility pipeline, your location and the age of the system can impact water pressure.

If our check determines that your system is working properly but that pressure is a problem, then a variable speed pump is your answer. It monitors pressure and adjusts the pumps rate to meet demand. The result is constant pressure at all times -- even during peak demand. 

If you're experiencing problems, call us at 508-317-5525 or schedule online for an evaluation of your system by your Cape Cod Master Plumbers professional today.

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